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So you want to game like its 2099? You're in the right place.

Cyberpunk Sports, LLC, is an event equipment rental company, to put it mildly, that uses said rentals to support our advanced gaming system pop ups and educational events. You can rent our HADO court for your own event or party, or sign up for leagues and join us weekly for some serious-not-serious league play. 

RENTALS: The HADO court is perfect for taking your party, festival, team building day, or even your wedding up to that notch no one has ever seen before but has always wanted to try. We highly recommend HADO for everyone ages 6+! It is as easy or intense as you want to make it. You can stand still and defend, or you can go super-O and run 100 yards in 80 seconds while firing and dodging like a ninja. Both work, and both are super fun. If you have questions about the rentals or the court, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


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