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What We Do

Live and in person gaming that gets the blood pumping!


Cyberpunk Sports’ number one core value is to promote socialization through live, in-person gaming that involves physical activity and real-time community interaction. Gaming on the couch at home with your friends in your ear on a VR headset is fun, but running around a court in full Augmented Reality with your friends, new friends you just met on the court, family young and old, co-workers for a team building day, all live and in person right there by your side truly takes gaming to the next level. Our games will make you move, get your heart racing, and make you laugh as a group in a live shared moment. Playing with other live humans is a key aspect of what we intend to offer. We are not bringing simple video games to a party, we are bringing a group gaming experience right out of our childhood dreams. Cyberpunk Sports is directly dedicated to facilitating having fun and building interactive relationships between real people through advanced augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality gaming systems. 

We are dedicated to bringing the most advanced AR/MR/VR installations to the people, wherever they may be!

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The second core value we hold dear is being able to bring these next generation Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality sports and experiences to the masses. Creating the worlds first mobile game with advanced systems, is our passions. It is in fact our main business at the moment. These systems can be very costly and often next to impossible to actually find. We do everything we can to get our hands on them and make them as available as possible to everyone with live events.  We do this with free play days, some pay to play days, and very inexpensive Leagues. Most are in Austin currently but we are expanding to Dallas and Houston soon. Join our mailing list and we'll make sure you are plugged into what's coming up next and where. 

Building awareness is key.


Our third core value is helping everyone understand what these technologies are and how they can enrich your lives either socially, educationally, or physically. We do this by having our free game days where everyone can come down and learn about what's going on now, what's next, and what's on the horizon. Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality are still emergent technologies, so we want people to feel comfortable embracing them through actually playing with them and seeing for themselves how much fun they can be. We look forward to you joining us with our mobile game live events here in  Austin!

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